Rebel News reporter David Menzies arrested at Andrew Scheer campaign event


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Earlier today, our reporter David Menzies was arrested by police — for reporting at an Andrew Scheer campaign event. I’m stunned — that’s a move we expected Justin Trudeau would pull, not Andrew Scheer.

TONIGHT, I'll show you the video:

The Conservatives sent the RCMP to throw David out, saying that he wasn't “accredited” — except he's been an accredited journalist for 30 years; he’s covered hundreds of political events from parties of every stripe. 

And then we got word that he was arrested. I called a lawyer and in a short time, David was released from custody.

Now let's look back to a few months ago, when Scheer was asked by a young student in Nova Scotia if he'd let Rebel News reporters attend Conservative events, and Scheer told her that he would. That was on video, too.

Let's be clear:

My goal as the publisher of Rebel News is to do journalism — to tell the other side of the story. We lean conservative here at Rebel News, and we wear our heart on our sleeves — we want Trudeau gone. (I just wrote the best-selling book called The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption. I think it’s clear what I stand for.)

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to let Scheer become like Trudeau.

Having police escort out David Menzies and have him arrested was a Justin Trudeau move, or a Rachel Notley move.

Tonight, my guest is — who else? — David Menzies, who will tell us exactly what happened today. 

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