Shocking new poll by Liberal-linked firm shows nearly 50% want to sell the CBC

In a world with streaming platforms and instant entertainment, Ezra Levant says it's no surprise that a majority of people under 30 don't support Canada's state broadcaster.

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With defunding the CBC serving as a key message for Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, headlines have been generated in the legacy media saying this message will cause trouble for the Opposition leader.

But a new poll from Spark Advocacy and Abacus Data, two firms very closely linked to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, shows that nearly half of Canadians agree with this message.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at why this poll should be ringing alarm bells in the Trudeau Liberals' camp.

Focusing on how unpopular Canada's state broadcaster is with young people, even compared to an older, often more conservative demographic, Ezra said:

Young people just don't trust the CBC; 55% of people under 29 want to defund them. Of course they do.

They're watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or Crave or HBO or Disney Plus or a sports network or whatever. No one wants to watch the CBC, let alone be forced to pay for it.

I'm surprised that so many seniors like the CBC, normally seniors are more conservative.

But I guess they're just in a rut, they're in a habit of watching it, a routine. You watch something for 40 years, before the era of 100 channels and a million websites, you get used to it. It's comfy. Even if you don't like it, it's like an old pair of slippers.

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