SHOCKING: Son of Israeli hostages recalls the horrors of Hamas terror attack

Recounting how his parents were held hostage for 20 hours by five Hamas terrorists, Evytar Edri tells Rebel News how a clever plan crafted by his mother helped police buy time before carrying out the dangerous rescue mission.

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The days after October 7, Israel proclaimed an urgent state of war following an unprecedented Hamas terrorist attack. The death toll against Jews was unlike anything seen since the Nazi Holocaust of the Second World War.

Starting in Southern Israel, civilians were butchered in cold blood and kidnapped from their homes. In Ofakim, however, two elderly Israelis were held hostage by five Hamas terrorists in their home.

Rachel and David, both their 60s, were held for over 19 hours at gun point before the tense situation culminated in a special operation conducted by an Israeli SWAT team to free the couple, killing the terrorists. 

This operation was assisted by the couple's police officer son, Evytar Edri, who arrived home to learn his parents we’re being held hostage. Evytar mapped the house for his colleagues, helping the police special forces differentiate which walls in the home provided the easiest point of entry.

At 3 a.m. local time, some 20 hours after the couple had been the hostage, highly-equipped police entered the home both upstairs and downstairs simultaneously, surprising the terrorists and preventing loss of civilian life.

It was a successful mission, “one that I cannot believe happened,” Evytar to Rebel News.

Rachel Edri, the now-freed woman has become famous in Israel after her story of making coffee, cooking and sharing cookies with the terrorists helped buy enough time for the police to carry out the rescue mission.

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