Shop teacher Busty Lemieux is now Bearded Lemieux. He has switched schools – and switched genders (again)

We recently visited Hamilton to ask Lemieux some questions, despite the law enforcement protection.

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It turns out the speculation we reported back in June has come to fruition. Namely, Kerry Lemieux/a.k.a. Kayla Lemieux/a.k.a. Busty Lemieux is no longer teaching at Oakville Trafalgar High School. In fact, he’s not even employed by the Halton District School Board anymore.

Rather, he is a teacher at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School, which is part of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

And what’s more, Lemieux is boob-less, as those Z-cup breasts are missing in action. In fact, he’s growing a beard now. Weird.

But how can that be? Back in February, he told the New York Post that those mammary glands were real, that he suffered from a rare medical condition. Seriously.

So in the meantime, did Lemieux have breast reduction surgery or – shockers! – was Lemieux lying?

Bet the house on the latter hypothesis. Yet, this kook is being protected by the school and the board as though he is some sort of sacred cow. He has even been receiving a police escort when he comes to school. That’s right: the cops are protecting him – not from physical violence, mind you, but from impolite questions from journalists. Your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks.

We recently visited Hamilton to ask Lemieux some questions, despite the law enforcement protection. After all, unlike the mainstream media, we want to find out what the game is here since he is clearly not “transitioning.” Is Lemieux a prankster – or a sexual pervert?

Alas, Lemieux proved to be elusive. Later, we visited the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board to ask some questions. Nobody would come on camera.

Those queries included the following:

1. As you know, Lemieux turned Oakville Trafalgar High School into an international laughing stock last year by coming to that school dressed as a grotesque caricature of a woman. Why would the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board want to employ this person at a Hamilton school?
2. In February, Lemieux claimed the breasts were not props but were real and that he had a rare medical condition. Clearly, this is not the case given that he is without his Z-cup breasts today. Isn’t this grounds for dismissal with cause given that he essentially lied about having a disability?
3. Lemieux is currently presenting himself as a male in male clothing. If he chooses to teach in his drag queen ensemble in the weeks and months ahead, will this be tolerated by the board?
4. Has there been any consideration that this individual is perhaps suffering from mental illness and therefore should not be in the presence of children?
5. Is there a dress code at your school board for both pupils and teachers? If not, why not?
Later the board emailed us, noting answers could not be provided due to Lemieux’s privacy rights. Again: cowards.

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