WATCH: Signage shenanigans! Why is an Ontario PC candidate allegedly putting his election signs on private property – when nobody asked for them in the first place?

As the deadline for the Ontario elections approaches, Ford's PC candidates do the best they can to gain as much visibility as possible. But one candidate by the name of Michael Parsa decided to go a step further, by placing his signs on the private property of citizens who do not want his sign there.

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Michael Parsa is the Progressive Conservative candidate in the riding of Oak Ridges-Aurora-Richmond Hill. Like all candidates, his team is busily erecting signage all over the riding.

Michael Parsa's team follows the same routine, sometimes  putting their “Re-Elect Michael Parsa” signs on vacant lots.

Sometimes those signs are placed upon private property by the request of the owner.

And allegedly, sometimes, those signs are being put on private property WITHOUT the consent of the property owner!

How weird is that?

Indeed, Rosaria Wiseman, the New Blue candidate for the riding of Oak Ridges-Aurora-Richmond Hill, recently reached out to Rebel News to inform us that this has happened upon several people in the riding who are quite miffed that Parsa’s signage was put on their property without their approval. A constituent by the name of Rick Waldner came forward and confirmed that he was “sign-bombed” at his Richmond Hill property. One day he came home from work to discover a bright blue Parsa sign on his lawn.

Michael Parsa / Via Twitter

There is just one issue: he has never requested the sign in the first place (and he is still in possession of the evidence.) Doubly-infuriating is the fact that he isn’t planning on voting PC in this election.

But even if he was a PC supporter, such a signage strategy is baffling to say the least. Sometimes, some people don’t like to advertise their political views publicly, so why did Team Parsa do such a thing?

Regarding that particular query, we reached out to the Parsa campaign office by phone and email. We even paid a personal visit. Nobody would come on the record, nor did anyone even deny these sign shenanigans are taking place. Pathetic.


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  • By Ezra Levant


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