SIGNED ORDER: Police took Adamson BBQ on advice from unelected Public Health doc?

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In the aftermath of Adamson Barbecue being seized and shutdown by law enforcement, many questions remain.

Rebel News returned to the 'scene of the crime' on a rainy Monday morning, scoping out the rebellious restaurant in Etobicoke for activity.

Social media had been amok with rumours that hundreds of supporters would retake the restaurant from law enforcement, who are still guarding the empty restaurant for whatever reason. It was also suggested that owner, Adam Skelly, would be staging an outdoor barbecue some 200 metres away from his restaurant so as not to violate the conditions of his bail.

Alas, neither scenario materialized.

Maybe it was misinformation, or maybe it was the awful weather.

Still, Rebel News is trying to get answers to important queries about Adamson Barbecue being shut down. Most concerningly, where in any regulations is Toronto Public Health Officer Dr. Eileen de Villa given the power to use the police to close a restaurant?

Apparently, the police officers that are still on duty guarding the restaurant after Skelly’s arrest on Thursday are on paid duty. Who, pray tell, is paying for their services?

Stay tuned...

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  • By David Menzies


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