Silicon Valley is “The most left-wing place in America”: Ezra Levant on YouTube's demonetization of Rebel News

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On the latest episode of Rebel Roundup, Ezra Levant joined David Menzies to talk about how Rebel News is pivoting after YouTube demonetized our entire channel.

Here's a bit of what Ezra had to say:

“I suppose it's obvious by now, but not one in the media party cares — and I get it, we jab at them hard, me in particular, but just a week ago we discovered the US Navy and the Canadian Armed Forces both hired the same Arkansas-based defence contractor to smear us. They whipped up a cyber forensic report, just a bunch of B.S., and part of me is thinking — gee, I wonder if they gave that B.S. dossier about us to YouTube and said — 'oh, you better shut him down'.

“...we are setting up accounts with a bunch of other alternatives to YouTube. DLive, Twitch, Odysee, Rumble just to name a few. Many of them are obscure and all together they're not even one per cent as big as YouTube. Let's not kid ourselves, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, it's the largest video platform in the world, and we will just not be able to replace it. But we can get into the lifeboats... and on thing I really want to do [with] the 1.45 million subscribers through YouTube — I want to get their names and email addresses, because if YouTube shut us down, I'd never be able to talk to those people again.

“So that's why we've encouraged everyone to go to we ask people to do three things, the most important is hey -- can you tell us your name and email address? Because YouTube won't give us that info.”

This is just an excerpt from the full Rebel Roundup.

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