SJW losers of Canadian women's rugby sevens team get feelings hurt by coach, coach gets cancelled

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Last week, we lamented that the Canadian women’s rugby sevens team seemed way more concerned with making social justice statements than, oh, actually winning rugby games? That’s because they were prancing around Japan in T-shirts stating, “BIPOC Lives Matter” and endlessly droning on about all the injustices inherent to our great Dominion.

As well, we pondered the query: what are the “rules” when it comes to whose lives matter and whose lives do not?

We pointed to Pollocks Home Hardware store in Toronto, which put up a sign last summer declaring: “All lives matter. Be safe. Be kind.”

Alas, the Hogtown woke mob reacted with fury. Gasped one triggered social justice warrior: "I actually can’t believe I saw this. How has this not been addressed?”

Naturally, the sign came down very quickly.

But that was then and this is now. Because apparently in 2021, you CAN MacGyver the Black Lives Matter slogan.

In any event, we offered some advice to the Canuck rugby sevens gals: please focus on playing rugby and try to win a medal? That IS the ostensible reason they went to the Tokyo Olympic Games, right?

Well check this out, sports fans: the rugby team turned out to be a complete bust. No medals for them.

And when the assistant coach for the Canadian men’s 15s team, James Cudmore, justifiably criticized the women for coming up medal-less, these rough and tough rugby women melted like the social justice snowflakes they really are. You see, on social media, Coach Cudmore stated “Karma is a bitch” and, “I think someone should decolonize 9th place tomorrow.” The Rugby women had their fragile feelings hurt. While there is no crying in baseball, apparently there IS crying in rugby.

As for Coach Cudmore? He was promptly sacked by the woke-folk running Rugby Canada. Another touchdown for Cancel Culture. And the message is clear: in the eyes of Rugby Canada, it was far more important for the rugby women to fly all the way to Tokyo in order to bemoan racial injustice than it was to win rugby games.

Too bad there isn’t an Olympic competition for wokeness. We think the Canadian Women rugby sevens team would’ve returned to Canada with platinum medals.

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