Sky News Australia host heaps praise on Canada's 'professional' National Citizen's Inquiry into COVID-19 response

Chris Kenny criticized both Canada and Australia's state broadcasters for failing to maintain the skepticism required to ask critical questions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sky News Australia host heaps praise on Canada's 'professional' National Citizen's Inquiry into COVID-19 response
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The citizen-led inquiry into Canada's COVID-19 response is getting attention in Australia following a monologue from a Sky News Australia host.

Citing his call for a Royal Commission into Australia's COVID response, Sky News' Chris Kenny criticized the government and media for remaining silent on the issue, “because their complicity in the fear campaigns and the overreaction can only be exposed by any inquiry.”

Turning to Canada, Kenny praised the “very professional and well-resourced” National Citizen's Inquiry.

The host chastised the Australian state broadcaster for stoking fears over COVID-19, comparing with testimony made at the National Citizen's Inquiry from a former CBC journalist.

Rodney Palmer accused his former employer of being aware of conflicts of interest between Health Canada and pharmaceutical companies but refusing to cover the topic.

“These are the people you're going to hear over and over again as the experts,” Palmer said. “And these are the shows you're going to hear them on. And these are the broadcasters who are going to tell you they're experts and suppress the fact that they are all affiliated with Science Up First which gets all of its funding from the Trudeau government.” 

The Sky News host played footage of a CBC clip from early in the pandemic examining the virus' origin, claiming COVID-19 was created in a lab was “dangerous” and misinformation.

“I thought, well wait a minute. How do you know it wasn't manufactured in a lab in China. What evidence does the CBC have 20 days into [the pandemic], or 15 days into this, that it was not manufactured in a lab. It was an assumption that she put forth instantly,” Palmer says in the clip.

“Exactly. It wasn't about evidence, it was about the line, the narrative,” Kenny added afterwards.

The former CBC journalist explained that in his view, Canada's state broadcaster was suppressing critics of the government's response to COVID-19, misleading the public about vaccine and treatment safety, plus promoting hatred against a group they branded “anti-vaxxers.”

“It wasn't newsgathering, it was spin. It was propaganda. That's what went on, and it's still going on,” the Australian Kenny said, blasting media in his country for failing to ask critical questions about public health decisions while reiterating his call for a Royal Commission.

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