Socialist activist who wants to abolish the police will head Seattle’s new agency tackling homelessness

Socialist activist who wants to abolish the police will head Seattle’s new agency tackling homelessness
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A leading leftist activist in Seattle who has called for the abolition of the police and prisons is now the city’s “Homelessness Czar.” The position will provide him with the authority to run Seattle’s new Regional Homeless Authority (RHA), which serves Seattle and King County.

KOMO News reports that Marc Dones, who was already contracted to help build the RHA, accepted the job after the first choice of the board overseeing the agency’s development declined to take the offer. 

Dones is a consultant and currently also Executive Director of the National Innovation Service. Dones’ position “could set the agenda for how the region responds to one of the most pressing problems in the area,” reports KOMO News. 

Despite efforts to push forward a progressive agenda throughout the city, the RHA is over six months behind schedule. Some members of the city's Human Services Department have resigned from their jobs as they expect the new agency to assume the responsibilities of Seattle’s homelessness response.

The rest of the KOMO News article heaps glowing praise on Dones and does not bring to light his staunch advocacy for communism. The leftist activist has also been a vocal proponent of defunding and abolishing the police and prisons. 

Last November, Dones tweeted: “To be clear I’ve been repeatedly clear that I’m a socialist. But to deny there’s a difference between the material realities for Black people in a Biden vs Trump administration is…well, it is a form of intellectual dishonesty that should embarrass the people who perform it.” 

In an assortment of other tweets, Dones called for the abolition of police departments, and blames racism for ongoing violence in black communities.

“I want to be clear that we're calling for defunding the police and not reforming because there is no evidence those reforms will end the threat to Black lives,” he said. “The path to reducing the most harm in Black communities is synonymous with defunding the police. We cannot equivocate.

In other instances, Dones has praised the “absolute superiority of socialism as a system.” 

As detailed by Pacific Northwest-based journalist Jason Rantz, the radical activist is one of several to have been tapped by the city to solve its ongoing homelessness problem.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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