Sold out crowd packs auditorium for 'Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion', a new documentary from Mark Sharman

In the jam-packed auditorium of the Emmanuel Centre, only 10 minutes’ walk from the houses of Parliament, hundreds of people gathered to watch a showing of Mark Sharman’s new documentary, 'Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion'.

Sold out crowd packs auditorium for 'Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion', a new documentary from Mark Sharman
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Mark Sharman has been in the British media for decades, but over the last two years has fallen out of kilter with many of his former colleagues because he is fully awake to the fact something is terribly wrong. He explained on stage how he grew up in an industry which was prepared to ask the tough questions. In recent years, however, many of his former colleagues have fallen silent when media scrutiny is most important.

“Media is supposed to question authority, not act as its cheerleaders”, Sharman said.

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, was narrated by famous ex-Coronation Street star John Bowe and takes the viewer on a journey through the Covid pandemic response in the United Kingdom with multiple, highly-regarded medical professionals weighing in on some of the many inaccuracies told to the public during the pandemic. A focal point of the documentary is the stories of those who suffered injury or bereavement as a result of the Covid-19 vaccination.

Throughout the documentary there are interviews with victims of the Covid-19 vaccination who tell their stories in detail. They describe themselves as normal people who trusted the government's advice and ended up being injured by the Covid-19 vaccination. There were highly-emotive scenes in which family members and victims describe what happened to them and how their health began to deteriorate post-vaccination.

Eminent cardiologist Aseem Malhorta appears in the documentary and discusses actions taken which he knew, as a medical professional, were completely wrong. He addresses the importance of informed consent and, ultimately, recommends that Covid-19 vaccines stop being administered, at least until further data can be properly assessed.

After the documentary had played, the lights went up in the auditorium and on stage were some of the vaccine-injured. The crowd stood, and a passionate ovation filled the room for several minutes. After the applause, several of the vaccine-injured and bereaved bravely took to the microphone to tell their stories and reiterate the message that the vaccine-injured still need help.

The documentary and victims spoke about the need to help and offer support to the growing community of vaccine-injured in the UK, urging anyone suffering to come forward and seek help. UK CV Family is a vaccine injury support group set up online to help victims which several of the speakers encouraged people to donate to.

The final events of the evening featured two short panel discussions hosted by James Delingpole, who put pressing questions to those on the panel. Some of the high-profile guests at the event include Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Claire Craig, Sir Christopher Chope, Andrew Bridgen MP and many more.

The organiser of the screening said the event would “celebrate the bravery of those dissenting scientists, doctors, vaccine injured, citizens and celebrities who've put their heads over the parapet, regardless of risk, to keep the public informed.”

They were not wrong. The event was a success — not because of the tickets sold, but the information released and the platform given to the growing community of vaccine-injured in the United Kingdom.

John Bowe, the narrator, has set up a call line for the vaccine-injured and anyone who needs help or advice with vaccine injury support is encouraged to make contact if they need help. The contact number in the UK the helpline is 02038 220 999.

To watch the full Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion documentary click here.

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