Soliciting the gender identity and sexual orientation of students is unnecessary — the data proves it

Some of the student survey results are in from intrusive and inappropriate data collection initiatives that Ontario school boards have been undertaking, and the results show that the vast majority of students are still heteronormative.

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Student surveys have been delivered through various school boards across Ontario, as per Ministry of Education directive, to solicit the gender identity and sexual orientation of minors in the publicly-funded school system.

It’s part of why Rebel News launched the website — a campaign calling on Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce to remove the perversely sexual line of questioning from student school surveys.

If the line of questioning is not heinous enough, the initiative cost Ontario taxpayers anywhere from $2.5 - $3.9 million dollars to deliver.

Each individual schoolboard appears to have implemented these surveys slightly differently and there were at least two different surveys involved.

One was called the Student Census Survey and it came down under the directive of Equity Secretariat and Assistant Deputy Minister of Education Patrick Case, who nets over $200,000 per year for his crucial role in delivering education.

In a previous conversation, Case stated that “one thing is ministry intention and the other is how things get exercised on a local level, so I can't swear to what each of the 72 boards might have done."

He makes reference to the fact that school boards may have disregarded ministry directive in how to deliver the surveys, because according to Cases' own emails, it was explicit ministry directive that the questions about gender identity and sexual orientation be completed at home with parents in the elementary grades. 

In addition, the surveys were not as voluntary as claimed. There are accounts of students who did not wish to partake being compelled to by their teachers. 

Now that some of the data results are in, it shows that these questions are absurdly irrelevant.

The Every Student Counts Student Demographic Survey Report from the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland Clarington Catholic District School Board (PVNCCDSB) details that the board delivered “23 questions and response options” provided by the Ministry of Education and added “an additional five questions around discrimination experiences and seeing ones identity reflected in the school” which were “developed by the boards equity advisor in consultation with board staff.”

As of 2022, the board hired Benjamin Tenesia to this role.

Her Twitter biography states that in addition to being the equity, diversity and inclusion advisor, she is a speaker, facilitator and a social justice activist.

The overall response rate for the PVNCCDSB was a pitiful 24.1% – less than ¼.

And yet the school board is moving ahead with changes based on this pathetic response rate, as detailed in a “February Update” to parents.

Of the 24.1% respondents, 3 per-cent chose a gender diverse identity, which works out to be 3 per cent of 24.1 percent respondents, so 0.007% of the overall school population.

This comes as social justice warriors like Sara Savoia, the trans and gender-diverse student support coordinator at the Ottawa-Carleton District School board (OCDSB) says that 13 percent of school student populations are trans-gendered.

But the school board's own data doesn’t back that up.

As per the IDENTITY MATTERS! survey results from the 2019-2020 solicitation of gender identity and sexual identities of minors within this board, 0.1 percent of children in junior kindergarten (JK) to grade 6 identify as a trans boy or man, compared to 0.6 percent of those in grades 7 - 12.

Identically, 0.1 percent of children in JK – 6 identify as a trans girl or woman, compared to 0.3 percent of those in grades 7 – 12.

In contrast, 51.8 percent of those in JK – 6, and 47.3 percent of grade 7 – 12 students identify as a boy or man, while 47 percent of those in JK – 6, and 48.2 percent of grade 7 – 12 students identify as a girl or woman.

That leaves a miniscule 1.2 percent that would identify as otherwise, in the JK – 6 demographic and 4.5 percent in the grades 7 – 12 demographic, including those likely making a joke out of it.

It’s a far cry from the 13 percent that she claims.

Not to mention that the survey itself represented an overall response rate of 46.5 percent so this all represents a percentage of a percentage of the respondents.

This blatant propaganda is being spread by a reformed substitute teacher who claimed, on Good Friday, that Jesus was a drag queen.

Savoia advises school boards such as OCDSB on diversity and inclusion strategies that see nothing inappropriate with the soliciting and teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation to young, school aged children, with her Master of Professional Education focused in Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice from Western University.

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