Some York Region District School Board trustee candidates refuse to give stance on gender ideology, parental rights

'If you are not going to be accessible to a constituent when courting my vote, how accessible will you be once you're in office?' asked David Menzies.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies discussed his communications (or lack thereof) with school trustee candidates in York Region District School Board regarding their stance on parents' rights and transgender issues.

Menzies emailed the candidates with the following questions:

1. True or false: "transwomen" are real women

2. Do you believe it is acceptable for biological males to play on the same sports teams and use the same change rooms as biological females?

3. Do you think it is acceptable for teachers to keep secrets from parents?

While a few of the trustee candidates responded and provided varying answers to the questions, three candidates did not respond at all. These were Sadra Nasseri, Ali Nikjoo, and Danny Yoon.

Speaking about those candidates, Menzies said, "Just in case my emails to these individuals went to the junk file, I phoned all three and left voicemails. Surprisingly, weeks later I've yet to here any responses."

Robert Kolosowski, another trustee candidate, responded almost immediately to Menzies' questions saying no, he does not believe transwomen are real women, no he does not think it's acceptable for males to invade female safe spaces, and no he does not think it's OK for teachers to keep secrets from parents.

Speaking about woke school boards, Menzies said, "The reason why so many school boards have gone hopelessly woke is that these boards have been effectively colonized by the far-left."

"The only way to counterbalance this and bring about effective change is to elect trustees who are non-woke, who put education above ideology. We need a big reset here."

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