‘Spot on’: Elon Musk praises Rebel News grilling of CNBC exec at World Economic Forum - Rebel News

Elon Musk was in agreement with Avi Yemini's critique that CNBC's participation in the WEF's annual summit raises concerns over a conflict of interest.

‘Spot on’: Elon Musk praises Rebel News grilling of CNBC exec at World Economic Forum
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The world's richest man was apparently appreciative of Rebel News' line of questions directed at a top-level CNBC official attending the World Economic Forum's annual summit.

Outside of the Comcast-owned network's temporary pavilion in Davos, Switzerland, Rebel News' Avi Yemini grilled Patrick AllenCNBC's vice president, international managing editor. Not fond of being asked about his CNBC's involvement with the World Economic Forum, Allen scurried inside to safety away from the dangerous questions we were asking.

“Your critique was spot on,” Elon Musk replied to the video on Twitter, the social platform he bought for $44 billion last year.

In the video, Rebel News Chief Australian Correspondent Yemini approaches CNBC's Allen, asking him what the organization is doing at the WEF's annual summit. “No, you can't [ask me what the company is doing here],” Allen responds. “And I'd rather you didn't put a camera in my face.”

Given Allen was invited to the event by the WEF, Yemini asked if this presented a conflict of interest in covering chairman Klaus Schwab's increasingly controversial organization. Allen had no answer, telling Yemini he “hadn't agreed to an interview,” before grabbing Yemini's mic and moving it aside.

“You're meant to be speaking truth to power, are you here just to take your marching orders?” Yemini continued. And with that, Allen had enough experience with citizen journalism, retreating inside the CNBC pavilion and calling security.

Once inside, Allen would then be caught by Rebel News UK reporter Callum Smiles' microphone, where he can be heard saying Yemini was going to be ‘punched out’ for his journalism.  

The world's richest man also slammed the World Economic Forum, describing it as “increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don't want.”

Despite this, it would that appear Musk shares many beliefs held by the World Economic Forum, with Musk and the WEF supporting carbon taxes, Musk and the WEF supporting universal basic income and Musk and the WEF supporting transhumanism.

Musk himself was also a participant in a summit similar to the WEF's annual gathering, having spoken at the Dubai-based World Government Summit in 2017.

Rebel News' team of reporters are on the ground in Davos, Switzerland, this week covering the World Economic Forum's annual summit, where we've been putting the questions millions of people around the world want answered to the global elite.

You can follow along with all of our coverage, and help support our 100% viewer-funded journalism, at WEFReports.com.

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