Stand With April: Stop silencing women who speak out for fairness in sport!

Team Canada powerlifter April Hutchinson was threatened with a two-year ban for speaking out against biological males competing in her sport. Help her fight back!

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April Hutchinson faces a two-year ban from the Canadian Powerlifting Union for speaking out against biological males competing against women.

When a biological man identifying as a woman began cleaning up in women's powerlifting and mocking the women who lost to him, April spoke up on social media and launched an official complaint with the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU).

But instead of April being heard and fairness being upheld, April was the one scolded for using her social media platform and media appearances to bring awareness to the plight of female competitors facing off against testosterone-enhanced men claiming to be women.

April was just threatened with a two-year ban on competing in her sport. The CPU is trying to silence her because she embarrassed to them. The CPU is forcing April to choose between telling the truth, or competing in the sport she loves.

April is a success story; a woman who rose above adversity and addiction to become the top of her sport.

And she's not done fighting yet. She's fighting to keep female sports female and she will not be silenced.

But April needs some legal help. She's got a great lawyer, Lisa Bildy of Libertas Law, who is helping her navigate the legal challenges she faces and hold the CPU accountable.

April shouldn't have to go it alone. She needs some moral and financial support. Let's make sure she gets it.

Fighting back against the CPU is not going to be cheap, but it's the right thing to do, in the interest of fairness and biological reality.

To donate to April's legal fund, visit

At that same website, you can sign our petition to the CPU, demanding the organization rescinds their threat of a two-year ban on April from competition.

Add your name to the list of people who stand with women and girls for the right to compete on a level playing field with each other. Go to

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