States that went for Biden lost more than twice the number of jobs as Trump states during lockdowns

States that went for Biden lost more than twice the number of jobs as Trump states during lockdowns
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States that went for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election lost more than twice the number of jobs in the COVID-19 lockdowns as states that voted for Donald Trump, according to a new report on Wednesday.

“Between February and December of last year, states that went for Biden saw the total number of people working drop an average of 6.2 percent, versus a 2.5 percent decline in those voting for the Republican, according to a analysis of federal jobs data,” the Daily Mail reported. “The 13 states that saw the lowest decline in employment all lean strongly Republican, led by Alaska and Utah which actually saw employment increase by 0.7 and 0.3 percent respectively.”

The Daily Mail analyzed U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the change in job gains and losses in each state between January and December of 2020. The article also cited Reason magazine’s Matt Welch.

“What explains this partisan pattern in COVID-era jobs reports? Certainly not the virus itself. Hawaii is not just the job-loss leader; it’s also the state with the least mortality from the pandemic—30 deaths per 100,000 residents as of late February 2021, according to Johns Hopkins University,” Welch wrote. “Job-growth leader Utah has the sixth-lowest death rate, with 57 per 100,000; New York is third in job loss, second in death rate; Mississippi is fifth in death rate, fourth from the bottom in unemployment. The explanation for the disparity lies elsewhere.”

Welch states:

From February 1, 2020, when the pandemic really started to hit the United States, through the end of December, the net number of jobs decreased in 48 out of 50 states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But when you sort the results by the drop in the percentage of employment, a startling pattern emerges.

Each and every one of the 18 states that suffered the worst job losses during that span, ranging from Hawaii’s 13.6 percent to Nevada’s 6.9 percent, voted in November for Joe Biden. In 11 of those, Democrats control the statehouse and both chambers of the legislature.

Meanwhile, the 18 states with the lowest rates of employment change, ranging from Oklahoma’s 4.4 percent loss to Utah’s 0.3 percent gain, share their own anomalous political characteristic: They each feature unified Republican executive and legislative control of government. Only two of those 18, Arizona and Georgia, voted for Biden, and by the slimmest of margins.

Welch highlighted how Democrat-controlled states shut down businesses and schools much more quickly and for longer periods of time than red states, noting that in California, New York and Michigan, governors were far stricter about shutting down economic and physical activity in comparison to their counterparts in Florida, Texas and South Dakota. 

The author found that despite lockdowns in blue states, the comparative death tolls between red and blue states are roughly the same, “but the economic performances are anything but.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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