• By Sheila Gunn Reid


Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole introduced his new climate change plan. The plan aims to meet the same Paris Accord goals that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hoping to reach with his carbon tax by the year 2030.

Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole yesterday introduced his new climate change plan. The plan — don't call it a tax, mind you, it's just “carbon pricing” — aims to meet the same Paris Accord goals that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hoping to reach with his carbon tax by the year 2030.

The plan, however, did not go over well with many on the conservative side of politics. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation slammed the plan, pointing to a previous pledge that O'Toole had signed vowing to fight against carbon taxes.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra went through the points laid out in the plan, sharing his thoughts on how this seems likely to sink the Conservative Party even further behind Trudeau, almost certainly assuring another defeat in the inevitable election:

So it's a carbon tax, they're just calling it a levy. They're using some of the language of Trudeau — pricing, pollution — you know, as if carbon dioxide the stuff of life, the stuff of photosynthesis, plant food, as if that's pollution. As if we humans, a carbon-based lifeform or pollutions of trees — primary element, carbon — are pollution.

That's how a Conservative talks now, under Erin O'Toole? 

Erin O'Toole sent out notes to party spokesmen today, one of those spokesmen sent the notes to me out of disappointment. It'll be interesting to see which Conservative MPs read their lines the way they've been instructed to by O'Toole.

I have to say, O'Toole supporting the carbon tax is disqualifying for a number of reasons. First of all because he promised he wouldn't, and he received support in return for that promise.

So he's untrustworthy, he's a liar.

If you disagree with this carbon tax plan please sign our petition.

We have record unemployment in this country. Free and law-abiding Canadians are living under a form of house arrest. But instead of alleviating our suffering — by providing some form of tax relief — the Liberals twisted the knife by adding a 50 per cent hike on our carbon tax.

So that’s why we started this petition.

In less than three weeks, we rounded up nearly 19,000 signatures from outraged Canadians who want Trudeau to stop this subhuman attack on Canadian families. 

I went to Staples in beautiful Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, the closest actual town to where I live, to print the petition before heading to the local Canada Post outlet to send it to Trudeau via registered mail.

I’d like to thank everyone who signed it. I was exceptionally proud to see all of those names of people who are fighting to tell Trudeau to stop draining our pockets when they are already dry.

The Liberals now have the de-carbonized economy they wanted. Everyone is staying home — no flights, no travel, no movement, no jobs (apart from those that allow people to work from home). Isn’t this enough for the Liberals to put this crazy carbon tax on ice?

No — RBC is projecting that double-digit unemployment is going to hit Canada as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and instead of taxation relief, you’re getting a 50 per cent hike of the one tax that touches absolutely everything in your life:

Sheila Gunn Reid (March 25, 2020):

One in three Canadian businesses will not survive for more than a month of the coronavirus pandemic, and that's on top of the 929,000 Canadians who lost their jobs last week.

Canada is in lockdown mode, people are scared, and the economy is being hammered. Families are facing unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty. And any government that would choose to raise taxes at such a time would be laughed at by the international community for doing something so dumb — or scorned for such shameless cruelty.

But that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

His Liberal government is planning to hike the carbon tax by 50 per cent!

That's right — just as Canada plunges towards the biggest recession since the Great Depression of 1929, our Liberal prime minister is going to make everything more expensive.

The hard-working, law-abiding workers of this great country will suffer incredibly as a result — and for what? So this trust fund, fake-progressive"blackface" prime minister can continue his heartless, pre-pandemic, eco-radical agenda to impress his celebrity friends?   

We cannot allow this to go on.

If you're outraged by this egregious abuse of power, please sign our petition to stop the carbon tax now.