SUCCESS: Ticket tossed for Wyld Archery in Edmonton

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Wyld Archery Pro Shop & Lanes in Edmonton, Alberta is the first small business that defied the lockdown, received a ticket, and just had their ticket tossed out of court!

And we could not have done it without you! Thank you!

The owner of Wyld Archery, Justin Watson, went through the awful sausage maker of the Alberta lockdown fine system and came out the other side victorious, with the help of

Watson refused to close his archery lanes when the government told him it was too dangerous to do socially distant archery, but he could keep the retail side of his operation open. It made no sense. According to the health order at the time, someone could buy arrows six feet away from other customers, you just couldn't shoot them six feet away from other people in the same building.

We told Watson's story through our special portal for lockdown-defiant businesses at

And he quickly became a Fight the Fines story too, when Edmonton enforcement agencies and Alberta Health Services showed up to give him a $1,200 lockdown ticket. Watson then became a client, where we put ordinary Canadians in touch with top civil liberties and criminal lawyers at no cost to them to fight their lockdown tickets in court.

Chad Williamson from Williamson Law was on the case, and I heard this week that Watson's ticket was thrown out of court.

Exciting! I headed out to Wyld to get Watson's reaction.

Thank you to everyone who made this win possible through your generous donations at You're making a difference. Not only are you providing financial support to people willing to fight back, but your moral support means a lot too.

All donations to also qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, so your donations to protect the civil liberties of Canadians now go farther than ever.

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