Sue-Ann Levy: 'All I've been seeing is real Jew hatred on social media from various people within the school system'

True North's Investigative Reporter, Sue-Ann Levy, joined The Ezra Levant show to discuss the increasing anti-Israel activism happening within the school system.

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Ezra Levant and True North's Sue-Ann Levy discussed a video in which a high school student spoke about the Toronto District School Board's (TDSB) suppression of 'pro-Palestinian' voices, and demanded a change.

“We are a group of high school students in Ontario that are appalled and disgusted by the Ontario district school boards' silencing of pro-Palestinian voices," said the female student in the video.

She continued:

Our mission is to ensure that Palestinian children and teens feel safe expressing their identity at school and in public spaces. As Palestinians who grew up in the Canadian school system, we have been denied our identities and heritage by many teachers and staff members.

We have a list of demands. If our demands fail to be met, then it will be clear to all of us that our education system targets indigenous populations and does not actually believe that indigenous people deserve rights.

“You know, it's a little bizarre to have someone masked like that in the dark making a list of demands,” Ezra said, responding to the video.

Levant added that the one thing that stood out to him the most was that the enemy she talked about was Israeli, implying that there are hordes of Israelis in school in Ontario and they're the favourite ones.

“I gotta tell you I would be surprised if there were 10 Israelis in the Toronto district school board. Maybe there's a few more but I don't think that there are many Israelis going to school in Toronto," he added.

"For her to have a terrorist style demand video. I think it's an attempt to try and take some moral sympathy away from the Jews by pretending that she has been through this same suffering. I think they're psychologically training a whole generation of people to actually move from extreme words to issuing demands to what comes next," Levant said.

Levy responded, and expressed deep concern about the escalating potential for violence in cities like Toronto and Montreal. Being in Toronto herself, she is particularly alarmed by the unprecedented and horrific anger in the streets, citing incidents like banging on the windows of Jewish-owned businesses and intimidation at places such as the Israeli-owned Aroma Cafe. 

She added:

I think my, my concern is because the politicians, because our police force, they're trying to handle it, but they're not really handling it that well. And our politicians aren't saying enough is enough, that these people will be emboldened and it'll just continue to ramp up.

That is my concern.

And this young lady has nothing to complain about.

The school system, TDSB and other boards are so woke that all I've been seeing is real Jew hatred on social media from various and sundry people within the school system, teachers, administrators.

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