SUPPORT DON CHERRY: Don Cherry is right about Remembrance Day poppies!

SUPPORT DON CHERRY: Don Cherry is right about Remembrance Day poppies!

As promised, we delivered copies of it to Rogers, CBC and Don Cherry himself.

But the last person on our list was Ron MacLean — and we delivered the petition to him last night.

In doing so, Keean Bexte had a rather candid conversation with MacLean's wife Cari, who said Don Cherry might be a “bigot”!

Last week, we asked you to sign our petition to support Don, and tens of thousands of you answered our call!

Well, I can happily report that I delivered a copy of that voluminous petition to Rogers Sportsnet, the hockey hatchet-men who fired Grapes — on Remembrance Day, no less!

At the time of writing, almost 90,000 of you have signed our petition to support Don Cherry

That’s awesome, but it would be even better if we could reach 100,000 signatures in the next 24 hours!

On Tuesday, we’ll be delivering our petition to Sportsnet and Ron MacLean. We’re even going to drop off a copy to Grapes himself, just to let him now that so many Canadians find his dismissal downright disgraceful.

So, if you want to support Don and you haven’t signed our petition yet, go for it! (You can add your name at the bottom of this page.)

Let's make a stand against “cancel culture.”

The day after a nation was rattled by the firing of a national icon simply for being politically incorrect (at least in the eyes of the usual suspects), I ventured to the Mississauga home of hockey legend Don Cherry, who talked to me about being an opinionated broadcaster in an era of cancel culture.

Do you support Don?

If so, please add your name to the tens of thousands and sign the petition at the bottom of this page.

Don Cherry is right.

More Canadians should be wearing poppies.

And new immigrants to Canada must be taught about our Remembrance Day traditions, be it wearing a poppy or observing a minute of silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Don Cherry must not be censored or de-platformed simply for speaking out on behalf of so many patriotic Canadians — including new Canadians. Aren’t freedom of speech and freedom of expression just a couple of our cherished freedoms that so many patriots gave their lives defending?

But Don Cherry is under attack, especially by those in the Media Party who have always loathed him. They want this national icon off the air and relegated to the scrapheap of obsolescence — simply for making an observation about a troubling trend he'd noticed. These nattering nabobs of negativity want you to believe that Grapes is a racist, but anyone who has dealt with Don Cherry knows this is an outright falsehood. 

And where was the outrage from so many in the media when it was discovered that Justin Trudeau had donned blackface and brownface on multiple occasions, so many occasions that not even the Prime Minister knows for sure?

They defended his behaviour, or at the very least, ignored or minimized such odious actions. Clearly, those calling for the removal of Don Cherry from Coach’s Corner subscribe to a different standard when it comes to a personality who leans right-of-centre. 

This is wrong, as is the vulgar politicization of Remembrance Day. On this day, we should be honouring those who died, those who served, and those who continue to serve. That’s what Remembrance Day is all about — not some grotesque witch-hunt to de-platform someone for the sin of being politically incorrect. 

Don Cherry is right. More Canadians need to wear poppies. Immigrants to Canada need to be taught about our Remembrance Day traditions. And Don Cherry should not be censored for speaking on behalf of so many patriotic Canadians, including new Canadians.

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