Syrian national receives life without chance of parole for 25 years for murder of B.C. girl

Child killer Ibrahim Ali plugged his ears while the father of the 13-year-old girl he raped and murdered gave his victim impact statement.

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In today’s report, I recap the emotional events that occurred in the Vancouver Supreme Courthouse this past Friday during the sentencing of child killer, Ibrahim Ali.

On December 8 of last year, a jury found Ibrahim Ali guilty of the first degree murder of a 13-year-old girl just months after he arrived to Canada as a single military-aged male, Syrian refugee.

The body of the girl, whose name is protected by a publication ban, was discovered after being sexually assaulted and strangled in a Burnaby park back in 2017.

Several of the girl's loved ones, including her older brother and father, whose identities are also sealed via a publication ban, gave heartbreaking testimony on how devastating the loss in such a brutal way has been for them.

Ali remained impassive during all of the impact statements, except when the child’s father spoke via a pre-recorded video statement for a duration of over 40 minutes.

While the father described his only daughter and the turmoil he’s been in since her brutal murder, Ali put down the phone he had been using to hear the statements via an interpreter and began to pace back and forth, at times even plugging his ears.

After the statements concluded, Justice Lance Bernard gave Ali a chance to give last words before handing down the sentence.

Despite Ali being identified for the crime through a DNA match with a rarity of 1 in 72 quintillion, the defender chose to profess his innocence instead of offer any remorse for the heinous crime.

“I-I didn't go to the park and I didn't kill this girl this is unfair,” Ali stated.

Seemingly unmoved, Justice Burnard asked the defendant to rise and proceeded with his sentence.

“Mr. Ali, you have been found guilty of first degree murder, and you have heard the profound harm and grief you have caused for raping and murdering 13 year old [name redacted] in Central Park on July 2017,” stated the Justice.

“For this horrific and most grave crime, I hereby sentence you to imprisonment in a penitentiary for life without eligibility for parole for 25 years.”

After sentencing commenced the child’s brother and supporters of the family discussed their gratefulness for the sentence and disappointment with Ali’s defence attorneys.

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