Ban Bill C4

The Canadian government has passed Bill C-4, a bill that aims to ban conversion therapy, but infringes on the rights of individuals in the process. You can learn more about this outrageous bill on this page.

On Wednesday, December 1, a conversion therapy ban titled Bill C-4 was fast-tracked through the House of Commons.

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos sought unanimous approval for the bill to become law — and he succeeded.

Bill C-4 renders any therapy or counselling — even if voluntarily sought out by an adult — that encourages or directs an individual to reduce non-heterosexual attraction or behaviour illegal.

It also criminalizes any counselling services which may seek to assist anyone, including children, who may wish to de-transition and revert to their biological sex.

This bill is not about protecting Canadians — it is about control, pushing an ideological narrative, and it is a direct affront to religious freedoms.

This is a shocking bill and one that must be challenged.

If you agree that Bill C-4 is egregious, you can sign the petition on this page, or you can send an email directly to the officials who rushed this dangerous bill into law.

  • By Adam Soos

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Send an email directly to the Canadian House of Commons, the Senate, and the Governor General Mary Simon.

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