Battle for London

Rebel News is providing uniquely independent reporting on the massive pro-Hamas rallies taking place every weekend in London since the October 7th terrorist massacre.

Saturday, March 16th, 2024 | Lewis Brackpool is in London, England today, to report live for Rebel News on the anti-Israel protest taking place in the Woolwich neighbourhood.

According to "Actions for Palestine" the march is set to assemble on Plumstead Road by the Greenwich Islamic Centre, and from there they will proceed to the Woolwich Town Centre.

Lewis will report on events as they unfold, and ask frank questions, like "What is your message to Rishi Sunak?" and "What is your message to British Jews?"

Rebel News has been travelling to London, England to report on the massive, pro-Hamas rallies taking place every weekend there since the October 7th terrorist massacre Hamas perpetrated against Israel.

If you can, please chip in to help us crowdfund travel costs for our reporters to get to London, England, including their economy-class airfare, bus tickets, low-budget Airbnbs, and security guards (since the Jihadists can get extremely enraged and aggressive, and our reporters have been targeted at these kinds of protests before).

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