Trucker Rebellion: Convoy to Ottawa

Trucker Rebellion: Convoy to Ottawa

After two years of war against our civil liberties, last winter's trucker rebellion marked the beginning of the end of COVID-19 policies in Canada.

During a time when vaccination status determined whether a citizen could fly on an airplane or receive an organ transplant, the announcement of the cross-border vaccine mandate for the truckers was the final straw.

Multiple convoys of semi-trucks and cars formed across Canada with Ottawa in their sights.

So, Rebel News reporters Abdusselam Bezirgan and Selene Galas followed the convoy from Calgary to Ottawa to capture this historic uprising.

Their documentary features exclusive never-before-seen footage and interviews with truckers, including convoy organizer Tamara Lich, who has since been barred from giving interviews by a court order.

This documentary is available to the public on September 19, 2022, but you can get early access by subscribing to RebelNews+ -- click here to subscribe now.

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