Ordinary Canadians are receiving unreasonable fines for going about their lives during the pandemic. So, we've hired lawyers to fight back against these unjust fines!

Every single day we’re hearing stories of law-abiding citizens — families, really — who are being ticketed and fined by overzealous police and bylaw officers for simply doing what the prime minister is doing.

We're talking about people who are being fined for ordinary things like going out for a walk. And we’re sick and tired of this double standard. So, we're going to fight back in court.

We are crowdfunding lawyers for Canadians who want to fight their outrageous tickets.

We already have taken over 1200 cases, and we're going to fight them all. We've even won many of our cases already!

If you believe someone has to fight back against these cases, then please help us out by making a donation.

A registered Canadian charity called The Democracy Fund is now helping the Fight The Fines project. By donating here you'll now get a tax-deductible donation receipt. 

We are going to fight for Canadians' civil rights.

If you’ve received an outrageous ticket, fill out the form and tell us about it.

You can also help us defend those who have been given tickets, by donating to Rebel News to help us pay their legal bills or donate to The Democracy Fund and get a Canadian tax-deductible receipt. 



Fight The Fines

Reporting on and fighting the pandemic fines.

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