Fight The Fines UK

Every day, ordinary Brits are being fined, arrested and even assaulted by police for increasingly bizarre and unreasonable pandemic lockdown rules. We're hiring a lawyer to fight back!

Millions of Brits are being treated like prisoners, locked in their own homes, banned from going out in public or even running their own businesses.

They’re even coming after the pubs!

The ever-changing lockdown regulations are bizarre, unscientific and punitive. And they’re being written by a ruling class that doesn’t follow the rules themselves.

And it’s getting worse. But we're doing something about it!

Any Brit who gets a pandemic ticket or a fine or who is arrested can fill out a form with the details of their case. Where the case has merit, we’ll crowdfund a civil liberties lawyer to fight the fine in court. Our lawyers will be in touch to get the facts of your case for court. And we’ll tell your story in the court of public opinion, too.

If you can, please help us crowdfund to pay for the team of lawyers. Our lead lawyer is outstanding. We have lawyers in London and Manchester, and we’ll help wherever is required in the U.K. 

It’s time to act. It’s already helping in Canada and Australia, and it can help in the U.K., too



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Help support our fight for civil liberties in the U.K.!

We are crowdfunding lawyers for Brits who want to fight their outrageous pandemic tickets.

  • By Rebel News

FREE Legal Defence

If you've been fined during the pandemic for no good reason, please click the link and use the feedback form on the page to contact us in confidence.


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