JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

According to CSIS leaks to journalists, the MP for Don Valley North was chosen by the Communist Chinese as their man in Toronto, one of 11 such China-installed candidates benefiting from foreign interference in Canada's electoral process since 2019.

Canadians have learned that China‘s Communist Party schemed to help the Trudeau Liberals in our last two elections.

We now know that Liberal MP Han Dong was hand-picked by the CCP to win his riding, that Trudeau was advised by CSIS of this national security threat, and that he did nothing to stop it.

In spite of calls to Fire Dong and to resurrect Democracy for his constituents by holding a by-election, Dong remains the MP for his Toronto riding of Don Valley North.

It's absolutely outrageous that Dong is still sitting in the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau believes he can get away with yet another scandal since he knows the mainstream media will help him and his MPs avoid real scrutiny. They’ve already labeled any speculation of Dong's allegiance to the CCP as racist.

So, we’re renting a billboard truck and we’re going to drive it around Dong’s riding of Don Valley North to educate his voters about his illegitimate victory and China’s interference in our elections.

  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

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