Fire Officer Buchmann!

Sign this petition calling on the Vancouver Police Department to Fire Officer Buchmann!

A Vancouver police officer named Frederike Buchmann has sparked international outrage for her callous conduct while prominent child protection activist Chris Elston was attacked by rabid trans rights activists.

Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, was repeatedly attacked at a Transgender Day of Visibility rally in Vancouver. Shockingly, Const. Buchmann suggested Elston injured himself. Then, after he was mobbed a second time right in front of her, she smiled with glee and then blamed him for the incident.

This is unimaginable! But that’s not all.

In 2021, a former judge found Buchmann to have “committed discreditable conduct, neglect of duty, discourtesy and abuse of authority” during the worst possible moment of any parents’ life, the moment they find out that their child has died.

Buchmann is said to have delivered such tragic news to an Indigenous mom whose son Glenn Rebic, passed away without compassion by entering her dwelling and abruptly saying “first of all, Glenn is dead.”

If you agree that an individual who lacks compassion and conflict management skills isn’t fit to serve and protect society sign and share our petition to help wipe the smug grin off of Buchmann’s face.

I will personally deliver the petition demanding that the VPD apologize for Buchmann’s disturbing conduct and fire her from the force.

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