Trudeau Must Resign!

Anthony Rota, the Liberal Speaker of the House and the man who invited and honoured a 98-year-old Nazi SS officer, Yaroslav Hunka, in Parliament last Friday, has resigned!

This was a deeply embarrassing moment for Trudeau and his government — all the more so because they reflexively accuse any political opponents as "Nazis".

But don't for a second think that Rota was anything other than Trudeau's scapegoat.

The Prime Minister's Office has an incredibly stringent vetting process. The responsibility ultimately falls on Justin Trudeau. And note: neither he nor any of his cabinet ministers have actually denounced Hunka or even apologized for him. They all blame Rota and say it was an embarrassment. But not one of them has actually condemned the Nazi.

Not one of them has taken personal responsibility.

Rebel News was among the first outlets to publish what happened and launched a petition to fire Rota.

Keep checking back here for all the latest news as this story unfolds.

And please, while you're here, sign our petition demanding that Justin Trudeau immediately take personal responsibility and resign.

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