Fire MP Ya'ara Saks!

What she did was unacceptable, unforgivable, intolerable and un-Canadian. So, Rebel News is doing something about it.


🚚 On March 18, we took our “Fire Saks” billboard truck out for a spin through Ya'ara Saks' riding so her constituents could see this photo she's so proud of. Click here to check out the full report!

✉️ On April 15, we mailed a hard copy of the photo of that grotesque meeting to every single house and apartment in Ya'ara Saks' riding. I stopped by a shopping centre in the district to hand out some and see if people have heard of this incident, and to find out what they think about it. Click here to check out the full report!

Here's a copy of the double-sided postcard we sent:

If you agree that Saks is a disgrace, please sign our petition, and if you like the work we're doing in her riding with our billboard truck and postcard mailing, please chip in to help us cover the thousands of dollars in costs that this work entails. (Thank you!)

These are two Trudeau cabinet ministers, Melanie Joly and Ya’ara Saks, meeting with, embracing and posing for a souvenir photo with a senior terrorist boss and dictator named Mahmoud Abbas:

This is outrageous!

Abbas is a dictator who jails or kills his rivals. He won an “election” in 2005 and then he simply didn’t allow any more elections. He rules the Palestinians in the West Bank with an iron fist. He’s been a terrorist for more than 50 years. He was a senior leader of the terrorist group that attacked the 1972 Munich Olympics and kidnapped, tortured and murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. Abbas actually has a PhD in Holocaust denial. He has a policy that if any terrorist dies while attacking Israel or Jews, he pays cash to their family as thanks. Mahmoud Abbas is a dictator, a murderer, a terrorist, and an antisemite.

This is the odious man that Saks is literally embracing in that photo.

What a disgrace.

What Saks did was unacceptable, unforgivable, intolerable and un-Canadian. She must resign — or be fired.


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