Fix Our Cities

Canada’s major urban centres are in a state of decay and chaos.

Out-of-control crime, open drug use, and poverty are now plaguing cities once viewed as safe and desirable places to live.

From knife attacks on Toronto’s public transportation system to open-air drug markets in Vancouver, these cities are no place for parents to raise children.

Homeless encampments and “tent cities” are now popping up in public parks and near playgrounds, making a simple trip to the jungle gym a potential nightmare for parents as used drug paraphernalia often litters these community spaces.

Toronto and Vancouver aren’t the only cities deteriorating under failed government policies. Across Canada, from Halifax to Winnipeg to Calgary, our urban centres are becoming lawless free-for-alls as law-and-order falls by the wayside to the whims of failed progressive ideals.

All levels of government appear to be blaming each other, and no one is stepping in to take a stand and help restore public safety.

If you're concerned about this situation, please sign our petition right here on this page.

Rebel News is sending our fearless reporters into the hearts of these cities to find out what’s really going on and to expose what the mainstream media won’t.

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