France on Fire

France is on fire. For five days straight, migrant youth have been rioting across the country.

But the mainstream media in North America is virtually ignoring it. Why?

Who are the rioters? Are they young men upset about a police shooting? Or criminal gangs taking advantage of an opportunity to steal? Or — and I've seen some reports of this — is there an anti-France, anti-western motivation? Could it even be terrorism?

These don’t look like the run-of-the-mill protests that are part of France’s daily life, usually demanding more hand-outs from the government.

This time, rioters are using guns. They’re hijacking vehicles, looting some stores and torching others. Hundreds of police have been injured. Hundreds of rioters have been arrested.

What’s going on?

France has had open borders for years; they have a massive, unassimilated migrant population with high unemployment. Trudeau has recently tripled Canada’s immigration levels. Are there lessons from France we could learn — especially what not to do?

I don’t trust the mainstream media. So I'm going to see for myself. My head of video production, Efron Monsanto, and I are going to France to talk to real people on the ground to try to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Ezra Levant and Efron Monsanto

And we’re travelling very economically, as we always do. (We’re sharing a hotel room.)

If you think this is an important story, and if you’re curious as to why the mainstream media is downplaying it, make sure to follow all of our reports, right here at We’ll follow the facts wherever they lead.

And if you think our citizen journalism is valuable, please consider chipping in a few dollars to help us offset the travel costs for our fact-finding mission. Our two plane tickets, plus our hotel room for two nights, will cost us about $2,800.

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