France on the Edge

France is in a state of perpetual protest after President Emmanuel Macron forced the pensions law through the lower house of parliament without a vote using a controversial constitutional power.

This disregard for French democracy has seen Macron heavily criticised by citizens and politicians alike across France and Europe. For weeks now the French capital, Paris, has been the scene of out and out riots.

What started off as protests about the raising of the pension age has now spread to general discontentment with the state of affairs in France.

Rubbish is piled high in the streets of Paris because the bin men are on strike, the Eurostar is regularly disrupted, motorways are being closed off by protesters and across the county tensions are rising.

The mainstream media are not bothering to report on what's happening in France. Macron is another World Economic Forum member and part of the European elite. He’s got other WEF buddies in every European government and the mainstream media are no longer interested in reporting anything that’s critical of the elites.

We don’t want to rely on the mainstream media to tell us what's happening.

That’s why Rebel News UK are going to bring you reports from France.

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