The Truth About Geert Wilders

Ezra Levant is travelling to the Netherlands to cover the election victory of Geert Wilders, including meeting up with the new Dutch leader himself.

Geert Wilders shocked the world last week with his astonishing win in the Dutch elections. He blasted into first place, with nearly double the vote of the next party.

Wilders won on a simple but profound platform: he wants to stop immigration, especially Islamic immigration. And he wants to break free of the European Union to have a Dutch version of Brexit.

Except: they're trying to steal the election victory from him  — and from the Dutch people.

So what will Wilders do? Can he survive this attempted coup?

I'm off to the Netherlands to meet up with Wilders. I promise to keep you posted — please check back right here at to follow all of my reports.

And if you think this journalism is important — since no other news company will tell the truth about Wilders — please chip in a donation right here on this page to support our journey.

Along with Efron Monsanto, our head of video, I'm flying on an economy-class ticket to Amsterdam overnight, and we're staying at a low-cost hotel. But still, this journalistic mission will likely cost us $3,000 by the time it's all added up. If you can help us, please do. (Thank you.)

  • By Raheel Raza

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