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BREAKING NEWS: We beat Trudeau in court today!

UPDATE: We beat Trudeau in court today!


Moments ago the Federal Court of Canada issued its ruling on our emergency hearing yesterday (September 7).

Justice Elizabeth Heneghan agreed with us that Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debates commission was wrong to have excluded our Rebel News reporters from attending the leaders' debates.

This was the second time Trudeau tried to censor us — he blocked us in the 2019 election, too, and the Federal Court ruled in our favour then, too. 

By our count that makes it: Rebel News 2, Justin Trudeau 0.

Today’s win shows us that we must fight. Because even if it feels like a long shot, if you don’t take the shot, you’ll never score. Today we scored one for liberty.

Trudeau had seven lawyers fighting against us — all paid through taxpayers' money. We had to crowdfund our legal defence. (Congratulations to Chad Williamson, who beat seven Trudeau lawyers at once!) If you can help us, please donate to our legal fund here.

Thanks for your support! And keep your eyes peeled for our reporters at the debates!

Trudeau’s hand-picked debate commission banned Rebel News from being at the leaders' debate (again!), but our lawyers worked non-stop — and on September 7 the court heard the case! 

Please take a moment to read our lawsuit materials — they’re all here:

Our 17-page application to the court

Our 19-page notice of a constitutional challenge

Ezra's 460-page affidavit

Our 25-page memorandum of fact and law

You can also read the government's materials here:

Compendium of the Respondent

Volume I - Respondent's Motion Record

Volume II - Respondent's Motion Record

Volume III - Respondent's Motion Record

Volume IV - Respondent's Motion Record

Volume V - Respondent's Motion Record

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