Nas Daily Debates Avi Yemini

Nas Daily is an Arab–Israeli vlogger, who's mission is "to show you the most incredible humans on planet Earth."

Earlier this year, Australian Chief Reporter Avi Yemini confronted Nas Daily, an Arab–Israeli vlogger, on the streets of Davos about his hypocritical travel to the World Economic Forum in the name of "climate change."

Following the interaction, Nasir put up his own edited version of our exchange, cutting the most crucial point. This inspired Avi to challenge the social media influencer to a debate and to his credit, he agreed.

So, Avi recently flew to Dubai to debate him on his YouTube channel. The debate lasted almost two hours, but Nas's style is to cut it to just over 20 minutes for production value.

Rebel News recorded the entire debate, which will be released over the next few weeks.

Please donate to offset the remaining cost of Avi and his cameraman's economy-class airfare, accommodations, and meals on this page.


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