No Gaza Refugees!

Justin Trudeau wants to resettle Gazans right here in Canada.

Rebel News is in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal this week with our billboard truck opposing Justin Trudeau's resettlement plan for Gazans!

Justin Trudeau is pandering to the pro-Hamas vote.

Now he's resettling refugees from Gaza right here in Canada.

This is an outrageous security risk.

75% of Gazans support Hamas's brutal rape-and-murder massacre against Israeli civilians on October 7.

No Arab country will take them, precisely because they pose a security risk.

Please sign the petition on this page to oppose Justin Trudeau's foolish plan to resettle Gazans right here in Canada.

We have also rented billboard trucks to take this message to major cities across America, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Please donate to help us cover the rental and logistics costs. Donations will also help cover the cost of the security guards we have to hire to protect the billboard truck and our reporters from being attacked by radical pro-Hamas agitators.

  • By Raheel Raza

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