Ohio Explosion

Lincoln Jay is live on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio reporting on the train derailment and toxic mushroom cloud.

Lincoln Jay is on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio, reporting on the train derailment and toxic mushroom cloud.

What’s really going on there? And why has it been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media? Lincoln is going to find out.

We’ve got some questions — probably the same ones you have.

  • Is the town really being poisoned by chemicals?
  • What do local authorities say?
  • Do local residents believe the authorities — do they think they’re at risk?
  • What exactly happened?
  • Are there any politics involved here — like a cover-up?
  • Or is this just a “normal” train derailment that caught fire?

We normally don’t cover industrial accidents or other disasters. But in this case, it feels like the mainstream media is failing. They either don’t care or — for some reason — they are choosing not to report on the story.

Well, that’s our specialty: asking the questions that other media won’t; and telling you what we find, no matter who wants us to shut up!

We’re putting all of their stories right here at OhioExplosion.com.

And if you think this kind of independent journalism is important, please chip in to help us cover our modest costs. Lincoln and our head of video, Efrain Monsanto, drove down to Ohio from Canada and they're staying in an economical motel. But between gas, accommodations, and meals, this trip will cost us more than $1,000 by the time we’re done.

If you can chip in, please do.

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