Pastor Derek Reimer

Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer has been charged for protesting drag queen story hour events. He's been thrown out of a public library and now he's been taken to jail. Please make a donation to help save Pastor Derek Reimer.

Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer has been arrested for protesting. 

His latest "crime" has been protesting an extremist practice where drag queens entertain children often in an overtly sexual nature.

I'm sure you've seen the videos online from these events. Some of the footage of what’s been called “drag queen story hour” really is shocking.

So Pastor Derek has been protesting these extreme events.

It’s unsurprising, it shouldn’t even be news that there are peaceful protestors at these events.

But the new left-wing Mayor of Calgary has seemingly made some sort of vendetta against anyone who would protest at these events.

Rebel News and its charitable partner The Democracy Fund will help Pastor Derek fight his charges. We are crowdfunding his legal fees. Please make a tax-deductible donation to The Democracy Fund by contributing on this pageThose funds will help fight for religious freedom and the right to peaceful protest in Canada.

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