Protect Female Spaces

For years, women have defended their spaces!

Activists and feminists have poured their hearts and souls into providing and safeguarding exclusive environments for women, but where are they today?

Today, society is slowly eroding this hard-fought and defended right. Whether it's in sports, beauty contests, or even restrooms, the rights of biological females are being gradually encroached upon.

Transgender women, who are biologically male, now have the right to infiltrate domains that were previously exclusive to women. This is causing frustration, anxiety, fear, and much more.

Society has established women's sports leagues, beauty pageants, and gendered restrooms for a reason — there is a notable difference between a man and a woman.

A biological woman cannot compete against a biological man, as the latter holds a physical-biological advantage.

Now, women are witnessing their chances to excel in sports, undress without discomfort, and thrive as women are being compromised due to the intrusion of men into their spaces.

We must protect the spaces of biological women and provide them with the physical and mental security they deserve.

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