Protect Our Democracy!

Canada's democracy is under attack from foreign enemies as well as domestic interests.

Canada's democracy is under attack.

China, Russia, Iran and other foreign enemies are interfering in our electoral process.

Yet, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-NDP coalition have introduced legislation that will make Canadian democracy more vulnerable than ever, by loosening voting requirements without the necessary safeguards to prevent cheating.

Rebel News is providing extensive coverage on the interference with, and the changes being made to our democratic process. Only by shining a spotlight on our elections can we protect our democracy.

Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik is providing comprehensive independent coverage of the public hearings for the Foreign Interference Commission, delving into the alarming allegations of foreign meddling in Canada’s elections.

Sheila Gunn Reid is reporting on Bill C-65, which amends the Elections Act to expand mail-in voting, on-campus voting and voting in nursing homes. (It also criminalizes "election misinformation" with a maximum of five years in jail!)

Help us send a message to the Trudeau Liberals and their codependent coalition partner in the NDP: Leave our democracy alone. Sign the petition. Keep our elections fair. Keep our fixed election date.

Check back here to monitor our latest reports on foreign interference and on Justin Trudeau's attempts to manipulate our electoral process.

And while you're here, please sign our petition to protect our democracy, expose and fight back against foreign interference, and to keep our elections fair.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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