Public Order Emergency Commission

An independent commission of inquiry is investigating Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act, a form of martial law he deployed to counter the peaceful truckers' protests in Ottawa and across the country.


The Public Order Emergency Commission in Ottawa is supposed to be a reckoning for Justin Trudeau’s abusive decision to invoke martial law, send riot police to attack peaceful protesters, and seize the bank accounts of his political critics.

But Trudeau is trying to hijack the commission. He’s trying to flip it around — to put the truckers on trial. Trudeau actually wrote the rules for the commission. It’s an inside job.

Trudeau wants a do-over of the trucker convoy from earlier this year when the truckers inspired millions of Canadians to stand up and be free.


To make sure Trudeau's lapdogs in the legacy media can't rewrite history, we launched a special project to provide the most comprehensive news coverage on the commission of any news network in Canada. You can follow all of our coverage on this page.

The truckers did what no other institution was willing to do — not the opposition parties, not the mainstream media, not any judge. They stood up to Trudeau’s bullying, his lockdowns, and his authoritarian vaccine mandates.

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