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Jonathan Bradley, a reporter at the independent website Canadaland, received the same Access to Information documents about Trudeau’s media bail-out on the same day as we did.

We chose to wait until after the weekend to publish our story; Canadaland published theirs on Friday. You can read it here.

Credit where credit’s due — they did a great job reporting the story, and they published before we did. We hadn’t seen their story before we published ours, which is why we claimed the scoop. But they were first.


We have the names of the news media who secretly took a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off from Justin Trudeau

You can see the list for yourself here:

There are 49 names on each page, and it’s 29 pages long. That means there’s nearly 1,500 news media took the bribe.

We only heard about this from one of the few media companies in Canada who are not on this 29-page list — a small, reader-supported news outlet in Ottawa called Blacklocks Reporter. Click here to read the report they issued last month.

You can also watch Ezra's full report here.


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