Restore Public Safety

Seattle has succumbed to criminal lawlessness due to decisions made by elected officials who put their political agenda ahead of the lives of their constituents — public safety must be restored!

Nicknamed the "Emerald City" because of its beauty, Seattle is a city that has fallen to criminal lawlessness.

Citizens are being held hostage by homicides, violent assaults, strong-arm robberies, and open-air drug use.

Between the Seattle Police Department being defunded by more than $50 million, activist prosecutors and judges releasing repeat offenders back onto the streets, and police reform legislation that ties the hands of law enforcement, the city is no longer safe.

Since the Defund The Police movement began, the city has seen record-breaking homicides year after year, an issue that became statewide in 2021 when the Washington State legislature enacted shocking police reform legislation.

State legislators have an opportunity to right their wrongs during this year’s legislative session!

If you believe it is crucial to make our communities safe again and hold our elected officials accountable, sign the petition on this page.

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