Russia-Ukraine War

Russia invaded Ukraine so NATO has armed Ukraine and sanctioned Russia. Do ordinary Russians support Putin and this war? We went to Moscow to find out.

The West is becoming increasingly involved in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Now, with the possibility of nuclear war looming, it's one of the most important geopolitical issues in our lifetime.

What’s the truth about its war with Ukraine? Are The West's sanctions against Putin hurting the economy? Have ordinary Russians rebelled against the human cost of the war and Putin’s “mobilization” — his word for conscription?

So, Rebel News is flying Jeremy Loffredo to Russia to uncover what's really going on.

There was a lot of planning behind Jeremy’s trip. We had to apply for a visa and complete other unusual paperwork. We had to find trustworthy translators and a “fixer” to drive us around and to help smooth things over if we encounter police. And we had to hire a Russian criminal lawyer in Moscow, just in case (God forbid) Jeremy gets arrested.

We’re going in with an open mind — something very few media have done regarding this conflict. We will follow the facts wherever they lead. This is the kind of independent citizen journalism that Rebel News was built for.

Because we aren't owned by a big corporation and we take no government money, we are free to question any narrative — not just Putin’s propaganda, but the propaganda from Joe Biden, too. We’re going to ask real questions — and we’ll show you exactly what we see and hear in reply.

We are going where no journalist has dared to go, to tell the other side of the story. This important journalistic mission will cost over $11,000, even though we are going economy-class all the way.

Please help us crowdfund Jeremy's trip on this page. Being independent is the only reason we can do this mission, and it also means that we need your help to pay for it.

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