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Rebel News videographer Guillaume Roy is fighting a charge issued during Quebec's draconian COVID-19 lockdown. His crime? Telling a plainclothes officer they were arrogant. Help us fight back against arbitrary abuses of power!

Guillaume Roy has been a videographer and producer for Rebel News since 2021. Before joining the Rebel team, he was a citizen journalist reporting on the harsh lockdowns in the province of Quebec, as the mainstream media was failing to do so.

While doing his job as an independent reporter, Guillaume received multiple tickets for various health measure infringements.

The most arbitrary fine he received came during a sit-in protest in Quebec City. There, he received a ticket for 'insulting a police officer' after saying “grand fendant” to plainclothes police.

As Roy prepares to contest the fine in court along with Rebel News and The Democracy Fund, his case serves as a rallying cry for those who believe in the fundamental right to dissent. "It may seem trivial," he remarked, "but that's precisely the problem."

With the support of like-minded individuals, Roy hopes to set a precedent that will safeguard freedom of expression for future generations.

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