Stop C-11!

Justin Trudeau's Bill C-11 has passed into law, giving the Trudeau government the authority to regulate what internet content you can (and can't) see!

For more than a year we’ve been ringing the alarm about Trudeau’s censorship plans. Well, they’re here. His bill to nationalize control of the Internet, to make it subject to his legal control, was rammed through the Senate and has received Royal Assent. It's now the law of the land.

Here's my plan to fight back:

1. Bookmark

This is where you'll find all of our reporting on Bill C-11. You can watch the video where we go through the law line-by-line. You can see our reporting on how the law was rammed through. You can see what critics are saying this law will do to Internet freedom. It’s basically our one-stop shop for people to learn about the law.

2. Sign the petition.

You’ll see, on the right hand side of this page, a petition to Justin Trudeau and his Heritage Minister to repeal the law. Obviously, the current Heritage Minister isn’t going to listen to us — he’s a Trudeau puppet, and does whatever his master says. So he won’t listen to the petition. But maybe the next Heritage Minister will — including if the Conservatives win the next election. But the point is, if we can get a huge number — 100,000 or more signatures — we can show the entire country that Canadians do not support Trudeau running the Internet.

3. Go to the public hearings.

The government has announced that they’re going to have public hearings across the country to consult with Canadians on the implementation of this law. They will ignore those hearings. But the rest of the world won’t ignore them. My goal is that every Canadian who rejects Trudeau controlling the internet shows up to speak at the consultations. By the thousands. I don’t just want Liberal Party hacks going to salute their corrupt leader. I want normal people to show up and to speak truth to power, and to let the government know, and to let the rest of Canada know, that we don’t accept this China-style censorship.

So, when the list of hearings is published, we’ll let you know when and where they're being held — and we’ll invite you to attend in your area. We’ll even put together fact sheets about C11 to help you speak with confidence and knowledge at these consultations. I know in my bones that the only people who support C11 are Trudeau insiders, or people Trudeau shovels money to. No normal people would support this sort of censorship. We have to prove that, in massive numbers.

4. Chip in to help fund Constitutional Litigation.

This is the big one. And it’s the most expensive one. We're going to court, and asking a judge to block this law on the basis of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But the constitutional challenge has to be done right. By experienced lawyers who are used to high-stakes litigation. Who have done constitutional challenges before. Who are used to fighting long odds.

The lawsuit has to be smart, because Trudeau will throw everything he has at it — when we challenged him in 2021 in the Federal Court, we had one lawyer, and Trudeau threw seven lawyers at us. He’ll do anything to win. So we have to be prepared.

I want the best foot forward, with the best plaintiffs and the best lawyers and the best arguments.

Obviously Rebel News is a plaintiff — I’ve heard other journalists call this law the "Kill Rebel law," it’s so obvious. But other independent journalists and content creators should be a part of the lawsuit, too. So it’s not just us — in fact, the more people, the better. If you have a genuine interest in this case as a potential plaintiff, email me at [email protected] if you think you should join the lawsuit. I’m not talking about a class action. I’m talking about journalists or other content creators who are at risk from this censorship law.

And finally, there’s no other way to say it: we’re going to need up to $500,000 to fight this battle. And it’s probably going to take until 2025 to do it. Sorry, that’s just the facts.




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