Stop Classroom Grooming

Young children in elementary schools are being sexualized by radical gender ideology. Publicly funded school boards appear to have gone rogue, censoring and silencing parents who express concerns over the appropriateness of sexually explicit content in school libraries and the necessity of gender theory being embedded into the curriculum.

The woke mob has crossed the line. They’re coming for our kids.

The people we trust to care for our children — teachers, school administrators, and elected school board directors — are teaching a radical gender ideology.

Students have spoken out; parents have spoken out.

But the woke establishment doesn’t care. 

An Angus Reid poll shows that around 80% of Canadians believe that schools should inform parents when their kids want to change their genders. Do you think 80% of Canadian parents are bigots?

It’s time for us to fight back.

Rebel News is committed to shed a bright light on the teachers, school boards, and other publicly-funded institutions grooming our children.

We’re speaking out to expose this disturbing trend across the country and make parents aware of what is happening in schools.

But that’s not all we’re doing...

  • We’ve sent out journalists to challenge rogue school board trustees at school board meetings.
  • We’ve launched petitions that have garnered tens of thousands of signatures from across Canada.
  • We’ve helped raise money to fight unconstitutional by-laws and fines designed to restrict the right of parents to protest against radical gender ideology.
  • And we’ve organized grassroots campaigns to pressure Ministers of Education to restore our education systems.

On Saturday, September 20, Rebel News had 14 journalists on the ground in seven cities across Canada to cover the 1 Million March 4 Children:

But we’re up against the teacher unions, the entire woke leftist mob, the government, and even Antifa.

While we fully expect that they will try to silence our message or brand us as hateful, we cannot and will not back down.

And we cannot let them stop us from protecting our children.

If we do nothing, transgender groomers will continue to indoctrinate kids into their sexually-charged ideology.

We will not sit back while our kids are targeted for exploitation.

We will take it upon ourselves to ensure that kids can be kids, and we will push back against this radical agenda targeting our most vulnerable.

You would never see the mainstream media being critical of what they euphemistically call "gender-affirming care.” At Rebel News, we give a voice to those silenced by the tyranny of political correctness.

Can we count on you to support us in this fight? Your contribution will allow us to continue fighting for children and their parents who are scared for what the future holds, but are too afraid to speak up. We will speak up for them and for you.

If you appreciate that we're not afraid to confront contentious issues like this, please consider chipping in to help us cover our costs.

And, while you're here, please sign the petition on this page to demand our elected leaders take action to protect our kids. You can also use this form below to send an email directly to Canada's Ministers of Education demanding they intervene to stop this madness.

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