Stop Hiding, Doug Ford!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford lied about not being asked to testify at the Public Order Emergency Commission investigating the Trudeau government's invocation of the Emergencies Act last winter.

The Public Order Emergency Commission has confirmed that they have been asking Premier Doug Ford's office to testify for weeks!

Premier Ford has publicly said that he "stood shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister" on his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act and even went so far as to declare Ontario’s own State of Emergency.

The premier used to say he was "for the people," but now he's hiding from the people!

So, Rebel News will hold Premier Ford accountable — and you can help.

  1. PETITION: Click here to sign our petition demanding Premier Doug Ford to come out of hiding and testify at the Public Order Emergency Commission.
  2. BILLBOARD TRUCK: We are sending a billboard truck to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario! This will cost us $1,356 a day, but the more money we raise, the more we can continue running this billboard truck — please help us recoup the cost on this page. 

We will try and put public pressure through independent journalism to ensure Premier Ford fulfills his duty to Ontarians.

You can follow all our coverage on this page.

  • By Tamara Ugolini

PETITION: Premier Doug Ford Must Stop Hiding

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