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David Lametti has restored his account on X after Ezra Levant and Rebel News filed a lawsuit seeking to preserve records about the Emergencies Act.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | 🚨 HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Court sides with Rebel, orders Lametti to hand over Twitter account

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The Chief Justice of the Federal Court himself, Paul Crampton, issued the ruling. You can see it for yourself here:


Rebel News filed an emergency lawsuit at the Federal Court of Canada against David Lametti, Trudeau’s disgraced former Justice Minister. He broke the law by illegally imposing martial law on us. And he broke the law again by trying to delete government records to cover his tracks.

By illegally deleting his Twitter account, Lametti attempted to destroy government property — and cover his tracks, just as the lawsuits against the government are about to stack up.

This was so urgent, that we filed the lawsuit over the weekend. You can see the court documents here:

Hundreds of Canadians who were illegally abused by the Emergencies Act will now surely sue the government. And Lametti’s remarks, both public and private, are evidence.

So, we hired one of the feistiest law firms in the country — Chad Williamson’s team from Calgary.

But we need your help.

Lametti is fighting this tooth and nail. He obviously doesn’t want his secret messages to come out, and he doesn’t want anyone referring to his past public messages, either.

We’ve got to move fast: this is Lametti’s final week as an MP.

Please chip in a donation right here on this page to help us get justice and accountability – particularly for those negatively impacted by the government’s illegal, unjustifiable, unreasonable and unconstitutional invocation of the Emergencies Act. (Thanks!)

And, if you agree that David Lametti should be held accountable for his role in the invocation of the Emergencies Act, please add your name to the petition on this page as well.

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